#DigCompOrg, the MOOC for educational organizations that want to be digitally competent

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In 2010, the JRC through the Institute of Prospective Technological Studies based in Seville, launched the DIGCOMP Project with the objective of establishing a European framework for digital citizenship competition. Since then, several projects leading this framework to different professional and social spheres took place, from the Common Framework for Digital Competence of Teachers developed by INTEF to the The Digital Competence Framework for Consumers developed by JRC.

The JRC’s most recent initiative on digital competency provides an answer to the educational sector concerning technologies, not approaching the problem from the perspective of students or teachers, but from a holistic perspective, thinking of the center as an authentic unity of change, as Escudero proposed almost three decades ago. It is the Digitally Competent educational Organisations Framework, and it has now a corresponding version in Spanish thanks to INTEF.

INTEF, in collaboration with JRC, led the next step: the design of a MOOC based on the framework with the aim of bringing the JRC proposal to all schools so that they can approach their transformation processes using technology as a lever. For this project INTEF has involved Conecta13, thus being the «Digitally Competent Educational Organizations” MOOC the fourth one that Conecta13 has designed for INTEF, after the Personal Learning Environments, Project Based Learning and STEM Competence MOOCs.

Linda Castañeda, from the University of Murcia, has again collaborated with Conecta13 for this project, and together with our partner Fernando Trujillo, she is part of the team of authors of the course.

This MOOC includes different particularities such as the fact that this will be the first MOOC launched simultaneously by INTEF in Spanish and English. For this reason we have set up a bilingual team that can interact with both communities.

The course starts on Tuesday 19th September and lasts for only four weeks. A real spring to take advantage of the beginning of the school year to work on the transformation of our schools with technology as a transversal element which covers all the different areas of action in schools, from pedagogical issues (assessment, curriculum, methodologies) to the organizational issues (leadership, networking, professional teacher development), including of course everything related to infrastructures.

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